Deborah M. Henson

Lawyer. Psychotherapist.
Divorce Mediator. Consultant. Lecturer.


Hybrid professional:
Lawyer and LCSW

to help defend you in clinical grievances / complaints and assist with Divorce Mediation / Facilitation.

I am an Attorney and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Colorado and Louisiana, who defends mental health professionals in grievances with DORA (Colorado) and licensing Board Complaints (Louisiana). Also, I provide divorce mediation/facilitation through a collaborative divorce process, which lessens the adversarial nature of the divorce and prioritizes the needs and best interests of the children. Additionally, I offer risk prevention consultations and training in Ethics and the overlap of law and clinical practice in both states and around the country.

If you are looking for a lawyer to defend you who understands what it’s like to manage a clinical practice, or a therapist to assist you navigate life’s curve balls, I have the necessary experience and love helping people resolve their problems in whatever area they arise. I do not offer legal and therapy services to the same clients, but bring both areas to the table in helping people with whatever issues they present. And, if you are wanting to dissolve your marriage in the least destructive manner to you and your children, I am available to assist that process as a mediator/facilitator or psychotherapist for your or your children.

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