Divorce Mediation/Facilitation – Collaborative Divorce Mediator

Divorce Mediation/Facilitation – Collaborative Divorce Mediator

Deb has served as Parent Facilitator (a/k/a Parent Coordinator) for families contemplating divorce or currently divorced. Deb has functioned in these capacities with parents voluntarily choosing the services and also pursuant to court order. Deb has also led court mandated co-parenting groups for high-conflict divorcing parents through the Domestic Relations Office in Travis County, Texas (Austin). The goal in Deb’s work with divorcing/divorced couples is to help the parents become “business” partners in the most important business of their lives: raising their children in an emotionally and psychologically healthy manner.

Working together with divorcing couples in a non-adversarial modality helps children maintain (or develop) strong, healthy relationships with both parents and reduces conflict between the divorcing/divorced parents. Reduction of parental conflict is the paramount factor for children’s healthy adjustment to divorce.

Deb’s focus is always the best interest of the children. She is experienced in working with children of divorce (e.g., Divorce Groups for Children in school settings; individual therapy in schools and private practice), so she understands the psychological dynamics resulting from divorce and the unique needs of children of various ages and developmental stages. Deb brings that knowledge and clinical experience into her mediation/facilitation with the parents and helps them develop a healthy, post-divorce co-parenting relationship to better serve their children.

Deb assists parents in the development and implementation of custody and visitation plans, including supervised visitation when necessary. Deb has also helped divorcing/divorced couples configure their community property agreements, child support schedules, and other financial aspects subsequent to divorce. She has testified in court cases concerning the co-parenting and therapeutic services that she has rendered to children and/or families undergoing divorce. She also has served as the therapist of children subsequent to a custody evaluation where continued court involvement was anticipated. For fee information, contact Deb via email or 504/ 232-8884.

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