Law: Mental Health Defense

Law: Mental Health Defense

Did you receive a Grievance filed against you with DORA (Colorado) or licensing Board Complaint (Louisiana)? If so, you definitely are not in good spirits. This is my primary area of law practice and I have defended many mental health professionals over the years successfully. See Blog: That Awful Subpoena Arrived!!

Being both a Lawyer and Licensed Clinical Social Worker gives me a unique perspective in working with clinicians. I understand what it’s like to manage a clinical practice, including those high-risk clients who sometimes keep us worrying about them in between sessions. See Blog: Control versus Resilience: Emotional Balance.

I also know that some of these high-risk clients choose to gain some type of legal leverage (e.g., in custody cases frequently) or retaliation against ethical therapists by filing licensing Board grievances/complaints. Also, I am seeing more frequently these grievances being filed by disgruntled co-workers or employers. Whoever filed the grievance/complaint against you, I can help you defend it.

Through my law practice in Colorado and Louisiana, I provide mental health professionals with defense for licensing board Complaints/Grievances. Then after we complete the engagement process I will jump on board immediately and file my Letter of Representation with the Board so that you will not have to deal directly with them any longer. We will work together to prepare your Response (written explanation and defense against the allegations).

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Deborah M. Henson