Recently, I had a new experience, which many of you probably have had or have had something similar: knee surgery. I apparently tore my meniscus – hey, before this event, I didn’t even know what a meniscus was (or how to spell it). But, in training my rescue dog with a million pivots to help her get the idea that when we walk, it is the “loose leash” method, rather than the “tugging me along” method, I believe I ripped the old meniscus. That pivoting, combined with hoisting myself over the baby gate and up and down the deck stairs a million times for the new golden pup to become housebroken, was apparently enough to give my knee a real challenge – one that I lost!

So, a fairly minor surgical procedure – outpatient and orthoscopic (only two little holes) – was sufficient to bring forth a myriad of questions and pondering about health, mortality, and how I have taken my health and active lifestyle for granted. My bad.

Two weeks of low energy, painful sleeping at night and walking (shall I say “hobbling”) by day has made me VERY grateful for my good genes and general healthy body. I am not back to 100% yet, but each day of improvement gives me more to feel appreciative about; that is, when I am not feeling irritable that I still am not 100%.

I have spent some time thinking about people who have to live with chronic pain, extreme physical issues, and/or general poor health. It saddens me greatly to think of a life without health and activity – vitality precluded by one’s body not being well and robust. I imagine many suffer through illnesses and major surgeries in relative silence – I wish I could send out loving energy to them all and find some type of magic fix for their pain and suffering. Because I would go certifiably nuts if my body failed me big-time. Just saying … and I know it could happen. As we age and even as we just go through life with cars and planes and stairs and hiking and so forth, we are susceptible to injury and disease. Thankfully, we live in a First World country that is relatively clean. But, accidents happen.

To those of you who have experienced any sort of physical pain through injury or illness, my heart goes out to you. Please reach out to loved ones for help and don’t be shy about asking for assistance. As to our clients who are suffering, let’s encourage them to do the same and not feel like they have to suffer alone.

As always, I welcome your comments about this or any other subject that I write about. Just email me and you can always tell me whether or not you want me to share your story (anonymously, if you like) on this platform.

Best to you all in health and recovery,


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Deborah M. Henson